Friday, June 17, 2011

Typecast #5

Here is an image of the logo and sticker on the front of the machine (obviously taken before I finished cleaning it).

Sorry about the poor quality of that typecast--apparently, purple ribbon ink doesn't scan very well, and even photoshop had trouble with it.


Did you guys see this article on Yahoo this morning? No, I'm not talking about Harry Potter. I mean this one about middle class jobs in danger. Scroll down near the bottom where it lists the 10 fastest declining positions in the country. Eight of the ten are related to the textile industry. I find this absolutely tragic, considering that for centuries textiles were the backbone of many local economies.

I know that this probably won't effect my job specifically, but I still wish that we could reclaim our industry, rather than shipping it overseas. I find this especially tragic since I (not so) secretly harbor a desire to get into the textile industry, in a small way, and I hate seeing an entire trade get cut down like that.

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  1. Considering that the Remington Portable #3 was available from the factory in different colors, you've got the right machine to consider repainting. Here's a link to Richard Polt's page:

    And yes, the offshore outsourcing of textiles is tragic. Not only are skilled Americans losing their jobs, but we are replacing the durable clothes they produced with poorly-made, disposable junk.