Former 52/52 Book Challenges and Reviews

2012 List
1) Broken--Karin Slaughter
2) Jane--April Lindner
3) Kitty Raises Hell--Carrie Vaughn
4) Fables for Our Time--James Thurber

5) Kitty's House of Horrors--Carrie Vaughn
6) Son of Neptune--Rick Riordan
7) Around the World in 80 Days--Jules Verne
8) Raven Calls--C.E. Murphy
9) Conquering Gotham--Jill Jonnes
10) Timeless--Gail Carriger
11) Little Women--Louisa May Alcott
12) Deathwish--Rob Thurman 
13) The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker--Leanna Renee Hibber
14) The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker--Leanna Renee Hibber
15) The Serpent's Shadow--Rick Riordan
16) Manga Shakespeare: Twelfth Night--Nana Li
17) Laced with Magic--Barbara Bretton
18) Spun by Sorcery--Barbara Bretton
19) The Girl in the Steel Corset--Kady Cross
20) The Fallen--Celia Thomson
21) The Stolen--Celia Thomson
22) The Chosen--Celia Thomson
23) The Help--Katheryn Stockett
24) The Mark of Athena--Rick Riordan
...and that's where I lost track.

2011 List
1) Foundation--Mercedes Lackey
2) Summer Knight--Jim Butcher
3) The Lost Hero--Rick Riordan
4) Touch the Dark--Karen Chance
5) Claimed by Shadow--Karen Chance
6) Home for a Spell--Madelyn Alt
7) Yellow--Makoto Tateno (4 volumes of manga)
8) Assorted standalone comics, graphic novels, and manga
9) Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand--Carrie Vaughn
10) Embrace the Night--Karen Chance
11) Who moved my Cheese?--Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard
12) Death masks--Jim Butcher
13) Curse the Dawn--Karen Chance
14) Casting Spells--Barbara Bretton
15) Ghost Shadow--Heather Graham
16) The Poisoner's Handbook--Deborah Blum
17) Ghost Night--Heather Graham
18) The Return of Bruce Wayne--Grant Morrison
19) The Golden Fleece and the Heroes that Lived before Achilles--Padraic Colum
20) The Water Mirror--Kai Meyer
21) Dracula--Bram Stoker
22) Ghost Memory--Heather Graham
23) The Canterville Ghost--Oscar Wilde
24) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow--Washington Irving
25) The Throne of Fire--Rick Riordan
26) Spirit Dances--C.E. Murphy
27) Midnight's Daughter--Karen Chance
28) Blood Rites--Jim Butcher
29) World Textiles: A Concise History--Mary Schoeser
30) Ghost Moon--Heather Graham 
31) Blood Rites--Jim Butcher
32) Dead Beat--Jim Butcher 
33) Proven Guilty--Jim Butcher
34) The Hanged Man's Ghost--Missouri Dalton 
35) Death's Mistress--Karen Chance
36) Heartless--Gail Carriger
37) Hunt the Moon--Karen Chance 
38) A Good Yarn--Debbie Macomber 
39) Brave New Knits--Julie Turjoman 
40) Princess Princess (en fran├žais)--Mikiyo Tsuda 
41) Treasure Island--Robert Louis Stevenson
42) Women's Work--Elizabeth Wayland Barber
43) Irish Ghost Stories--Padraic O'Farrell 
44) The Enchanted Typewriter--John Kendrick Bangs
45) Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light--Tanya Huff
46) Peter Pan and Wendy--J. M. Barrie
47) The Fire's Stone--Tanya Huff 
48) The Typewriter Girl--Olive Pratt Rayner
49) Dead in the Family--Charlaine Harris
50) The Night Shift--Missouri Dalton

 2010 List
01. Urban Shaman--C.E. Murphy
02. Soulless--Gail Carriger
03. Fire Study--Maria V. Snyder
04. Grave Watchers--Missouri Dalton
05. Thunderbird Falls--C.E. Murphy
06. Coraline--Neil Gaiman
07. Skinwalker--Faith Hunter
08. Kitty and the Midnight Hour--Carrie Vaughn
09. The Lark and the Wren--Mercedes Lackey
10. The Conservation and Restoration of Textiles
11. The Robin and the Kestral--Mercedes Lackey
12. The Eagle and the Nightingales--Mercedes Lackey
13. Lazy ways to make a living--Abigail Bosanko
14. Luck in the Shadows--Lynn Flewelling
15. Why Do Cats Do That?--Kim Campbell Thornton
16. The Hearse You Came in On--Tim Cocky
17. Frankenstein--Mary Shelly
18. Deja Dead--Kathy Reichs
19. Crewel World--Monica Ferris
20. Kitty Goes to Washington--Carrie Vaughn
21. Death du Jour--Kathy Reichs
22. A Witch in Time--Madelyn Alt
23. Gwenhwyfar--Mercedes Lackey
24. Haunted--Heather Graham
25. Dark Mysteries of the Vatican--H. Paul Jeffers
26. Magic's Pawn--Mercedes Lackey
27. Demon Hunts--C.E. Murphy
28. Kitty Takes a Holiday--Carrie Vaughn
29. A touch of Dead--Charlaine Harris
30. The Undertaker's Gift--Torchwood
31. Grave Secrets--Kathy Reichs
32. Changeless--Gail Carriger
33. A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural--Gerina Dunwich
34. Bare Bones--Kathy Reichs
35. Enchantment Emporium--Tanya Huff
36. A girl of the Limberlost--Gene Straton Porter
37. Kitty and the Silver Bullet--Carrie Vaughn
38. No Greater Love--Danielle Steel
39. Shades of Grey--Jasper Fforde
40. Wizard^2--K.E. Mills
41. The Human Species--John Relethford
42. The Red Pyramid--Rick Riodan
43. Blameless--Gail Carriger
44. The Roaring Twenties--David Pietrusza
45. Desire Sensibility--Souto Narazaki
46. Hetalia--Hidekaz Himaruya
47. Ghost Hunt vol. 10--Shiho Inada
48. Ghost Hunt vol. 11--Shiho Inada
49. Matilda Raleigh: Invictus--Chris Kelly--Review can be found in the Steampunk (Jan. 2011) issue of Contemporary Fantasy magazine

2009 List

  01. Hex Marks the Spot--Madelyn Alt
  02. Almost Perfect--Torchwood
  03. Tales of Beedle the Bard--JK Rowling
  04. The Star--David Skibbins
  05. The Hanged Man--David Skibbins
  06. Backup--Jim Butcher
  07. Pack Animals--Torchwood
  08. A History of Hand Kniting--Richard Rutt
  09. The Eyre Affair--Jasper Fforde
  10. The Trouble with Magic--Madelyn Alt
  11. Knit One, Kill Two--Maggie Sefton
  12. Long Hot Summoning--Tanya Huff
  13. La Morte d'Arthur--Sir Thomas Malory
  14. The Knight of the Cart--Chretien DeTroyes
  15. It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be--Paul Arden
  16. Organize Your Corpses--Mary Jane Maffini
  17. Inkdeath--Cornelia Funke
  18. The Mythic Journey--Liz Greene
  19. Trace Memory--Torchwood
  20. Forensics and Fiction--DP Lyle
  21. The Last Olympian--Rick Riorden
  22. Her Docter Prescribes Dancing at Daybreak--Connie Thompson Titus
  23. Stardust--Neil Gaiman
  24. Wanted~A Chaperon-–Paul Leicester Ford
  25. Urban Shamen--C.E. Murphy
  26. Thunderbird Falls--C.E. Murphy
  27. Coyote Dreams--C.E. Murphy
  28. The Red Thread--Roderick Townley
  29. Accidental Sorcerer--K.E. Mills
  30. The Phantom of the Opera--Gaston Leroux
  31. Heart of Stone-C.E. Murphy
  32. House of Cards--C.E. Murphy
  33. Hands of Flame--C.E. Murphy
  34. Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her--Melanie Rehak
  35. Lion Among Men--Gregory Maguire
  36. Charmed Destinies--(anthology)
  37. Walking Dead--C.E. Murphy
  38. Where there's a Witch--Madelyn Alt
  39. Walking Dead--Jim Butcher
  40. Dead Until Dark--Charlaine Harris
  41. Triptych--Karin Slaughter
  42. Skin Privilege--Karin Slaughter
  43. Living Dead in Dallas--Charlaine Harris
  44. Club Dead--Charlaine Harris
  45. Dead to the world--Charlaine Harris
  46. Dead as a Doornail--Charlaine Harris
  47. Definitely Dead--Charlaine Harris
  48. All Together Dead-- Charlaine Harris
  49. From Dead to Worse--Charlaine Harris
  50. Fractured--Karin Slaughter
  51. Dead and Gone--Charlaine Harris
  52. Where There's a Witch--Madelyn Alt
  53. Witches Incorperated--K.E. Mills
  54. The House that Jack Built--Torchwood
  55. Poison Study--Maria V. Snyder
  56. Magic Study--Maria V. Snyder
  57. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz--L. Frank Baum
  58. Endymion Spring--Matthew Skelton
  59. The Graveyard Book--Neil Gaiman
  60. Shadowmagic--John Lenahan
  61. The Cluttered Corpse--Mary Jane Maffini
  62. Fake--Sanami Matoh (7 volume manga series)
  63. Conservation of objects made from Plant Materials (Getty Press)