Here is a complete list of my published works--short, I know, but hopefully it will grow soon! To purchase electronic copies through my publisher or to read a sample, click the title links.

Fiction (as Sophia Beaumont)
Birds of a Feather
Cursed to turn into a flamingo since the age of three, Eric hasn’t had the best luck with relationships. But that changes when he meets Dan. At least, he thinks it has until Dan is offered a job in another state, and asks Eric to come along. Can Dan handle the truth about Eric?
Then, there's the new guy in town: Colin. Eric can tell right from the start that Colin's got a full moon secret of his own. The question is, when it comes to a weremoose and a wereflamingo, can there ever really be common ground?

The Witching Hour
Doctor Jacob Tavers is a young, respected man in a picturesque Puritan village--who has a string of dark secrets. Jacob has been keeping his true nature under wraps for most of his life. Taught herb lore by his mother and medicine by his father, Jacob walks a fine line--one that threatens to snap when a neighbor accuses him of witchcraft.
To make matters even worse, the Inquisitor is Marcus Swan, whose deep blue eyes and fine legs are making it incredibly difficult for Jacob to hide his other secret: a deep attraction to the man who has been sent, in all likelihood, to kill him.

Nonfiction (as Sheena Pennell)
Forthcoming book of illusion/shadow knitting patterns from Cooperative Press.

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