Friday, March 25, 2011


A little renovating has been going on here at Casa del KM.

•The link to the Japan Relief Giveaway is now in the header. From now on, that is where all open contests will go.
•I added my blogroll to the sidebar.
•That means there's no room for the 52/52 Book Challenge, so that can now be found in the site pages, linked below my profile.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be adding:
•A page for all former 52/52 Challenges, with links to all of my book reviews.
•A more in-depth bio page.
•A page with summaries of my ebooks, as well as photos of my knitting patterns as well as information on how you can purchase them.
•Updated photos (as in, with proper lighting and staging, rather than *click* "I'm done! Lookie here!") of all of my knitting and handspun (those pictures will actually go on my Devart/Ravelry pages, but some might end up here, as well).

I think that's it for the remodel, though I would like some opinions. I've had some complaints about the background on the blog (the turquoise and blue flowers) making it hard to read. Thoughts? Opinions? (Please include your OS and browser, since I know the parchment backdrop doesn't appear to load on older computers).

P.S. Are you following Jason Kelly, the sock guy's blog? You should read Wednesday's post. It made me cry.

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