Thursday, March 24, 2011

Around the Interwebs

I follow a lot of blogs. At least half of them belong to writers in form form or another. Some are hobbyists, some mostly just enjoy the act of using vintage technology to express contemporary ideas. Some are aspiring authors, or have been published through small press. Some are award winners and New York Times Bestsellers, and some are industry professionals.

If you've been following the CFM at all, then by now you know what huge fans of Gail Carriger Alice and I am. I recently subscribed to her agent's blog, which is highly informative for anyone with any aspirations of professional authordom. A couple of days ago, she posted something about the Japanese translator and cover artist, and how they were effected by the quake/tsunami. In true Japanese style, they emailed her, apologizing for being out of the office for so long.

Can you imagine if that editor were in, say, New York? The email probably would have been much different. Throughout the news reports of this disaster, I continue to be impressed by the Japanese sense of community. Despite shortages of food, water, medicine, shelter--pretty much everything--they remain steadfast and patient. They take the British "Keep calm and carry on" to a whole new level.

Won't you help out?

P.S. If you are a knitter and want to help out, I just found a link to this site, where someone is collecting socks the quake victims.

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