Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Lately I've become obsessed with my stats on blogger. I check at least once a day not to see how many hits I've gotten, but to see where they're from. It boggles my mind that the current standing for this week is as follows:
United States--20
United Kingdom--8
I might not get a lot of hits on this blog, but it amazes me that there are regular readers of this blog in the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, and the Ukraine (who regularly rank in the top five, flopping back and forth with the UK). I kind of figured that the UK and Canada would be on the list, since they are also English speaking nations, but I thought they'd rank higher. Go Netherlands! You guys are my all time #2 readers.

This came partially because I discovered the stats feature when I was consumed with the travel bug, so since I can't go anywhere I'd stare at the little green bits on the blogger map and try to figure out what I was doing that would attract attention from other parts of the world (obviously, not much, but hey! I'm international now!).

The downside is that it got me kind of nervous. I know nothing about most of the countries on that list. So what do you guys find interesting? What keeps you coming back? I'm kind of blogging in a vacuum here, so if I'm not doing something you'll have to tell me.

No matter what, though, I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for reading. It amazes me that my life (or my knitting) could be interesting enough for anyone to want to hear about it regularly, but I'm glad that you guys do. Thanks for being out there and for sticking with me.

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