Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let There be Peace on Earth (and Let it Begin with Me)

A few weeks ago, I was on Ravelry in the Knitting our Way to Peace group. In this thread, I brought up a project I would like to do for my senior thesis show this fall. The other Ravelrers were enthusiastic, and now that things have temporarily settled down a little, I'd like to get started with it.

The idea is this: a flag for every nation of the world, sewn together to make a large quilt. At the center would be the words "Let there be Peace on Earth." I think it would be much more meaningful if it was a group project, rather than an individual one.

So, here we are. I would like a little help with this, but of course, there are guidelines. If you would like to participate, PLEASE READ ALL OF THE RULES CAREFULLY BEFORE BEGINNING!

General Information:
1) Please sign up for a country before you begin to prevent repeats. This link will provide you with a list of available countries. To claim one, simply leave a comment on that post.

2) Some countries and territories are in the middle of political upheaval, and have more than one flag. I leave it to you to decide which flag you do, or even both. All I ask is that you please select a flag from the list; Due to time constraints, I am no longer open to other flags (Maybe. If you can make a good case for it...)

3) There are occasional buyers who attend these senior thesis shows. If the piece sells, I would like to donate the money to Doctors Without Borders, which helps every nation regardless of politics or religion.

4) The show will be held sometime in early 2009, probably January. Dates are TBA. Please check back with the blog or with the Ravelry group for the most up-to-date information.

5) Sign ups are open until November 8, 2008.

Construction and shipping:
1) The height of each flag should be 20 cm, or 8 inches. The width should be 16 inches, or about 40 cm. IF YOU DO NOT MATCH THE PROPORTIONS EXACTLY, DO NOT FROG YOUR WORK. Please send it to me as is (preferably blocked, but I'm not picky). As long as it is reasonably close to the specified dimensions, I'll put it in (i.e, only off by 1" or so in each direction.)

2) The materials are open, but keep in mind that each flag will be hand-sewn together. Knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, quilting, embroidery, tatting–I don’t care, but it must be fiber. You could even paint on canvas, but I ask that if you do, please remember the dimensions, remove the stretcher before shipping, and please leave enough blank canvas around the edges for me to sew, as I don’t want to damage the painting.

3) I would like to receive all the flags no later than December 13, 2008.

4) You can ship your flags to:
Sheena Pennell
P.O. Box 781
London, OH 43140

5) Feel free to send your personal messages with your flags. I would love to display them at the show. I’m thinking about binding them into a handmade book to give with the finished product. If you would NOT like your messages displayed, just include a little PS and I'll leave it out.

6) I want to give credit where credit is due. Please include your name (real name or screen name, doesn’t matter), along with the name of the country your flag represents.

Please continue to check the blog, as I'll be posting regular updates and reminders.
You can also find the latest information in our Ravelry Group. You can watch the progress of the project through our Flickr group.

Edit: I had to move the list of countries because this post was over eight pages long and Blogger decided to rebel. You can find it here now. Please leave your sign-up comments on that page from now on, just so everything is nice and tidy and in one place. Thanks for your understanding! ^^


  1. I think this is a great Idea!
    I would like to do Germany.

    Thank you,
    Linda Neyman

  2. Great idea.

    I posted about it on my blog so hopefully you might get some takers from there.

    I always liked Doctors Without Boarders for a pro-peace movement. They seem to do a lot of good and don't let too much politicking get in the way. The Red Cross is good too.

  3. Hey Sweetie, I am glad you decided to go ahead with this. I would like to take Morocco

  4. This is a wonderful idea! I would like to do the country of my ancestors: Switzerland!

  5. I would like to do both Israel *and* Palestine (may I plan the design so that the flags are linked?).
    Leslie (aka Tikkunknitter)

  6. great idea! i agree that doctors without borders would be great; the red cross is, unfortunately, notoriously ill managed :( (at least the american red cross). the money will probably be better used if it's to a well-managed org.

    anyway, i digress. i'll choose a country or two soon!

  7. Hi! I really like the idea.
    I can knit Polish flag :)

  8. Sophia,
    I have posted this on our blog as well.

  9. Hi!

    This is Silver Mist from the Crafty guild on Gaia. I would love to help out. I would like to claim France. ^^ Also, would a Pagan flag be acceptable for this cause? If it is, I'd love to make one.

    As I'm a Cincinnati native, if I'm anywhere in that area at the time of your show, I'd like to come, too. ^^ It sounds fantastic.

    Also, is it okay if I share this with friends from my old SnB in CT?

    ~Cassie Cropper

  10. Hi! I'm BookShopGal on Ravelry... I'd love to help out and I'll take a lesser known country- Djibouti. If you end up needing more, I can take a 2nd one as well :)

  11. I will take Denmark (which I hear has the oldest flag in the world, Dannebrog).

  12. Awesome idea!! I'm in for Ireland! :) Absolutely love Ireland... ;-)

    And I think the Red Cross is a good suggestion too.


  13. Hi, I'm deepurple on Ravelry. I'll take Tibet.

  14. I'm goodbyekitty on ravelry, and I would like to do Georgia - the country, not the US state.

    Thank you!

    And I second Doctors Without Borders - you should get in touch with the Yarn Harlot about it!

  15. I would like to do Estonia.
    I'm also in favor of the Red Cross.
    (Not too found of "Médecins sans frontières" (Doctors without Borders). One of the French founders of the organization is now a major political moron in France.)

  16. Hello!!! Sounds like a great project! I would like to do China and Vietnam if they are available.
    I am Lotuseyes on Ravelry.

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  18. Does Scotland count as a country? If so I'll do the St Andrews Cross for you!

  19. If it's not taken I would like to knit the Laos flag. I'm Cheryl Goyer. On Ravelry it's cgoyer.

  20. I'm Scottish with an Austrian Grandma so since Scotland has already been taken -of course we count as a country ;0) - I'd like to do the Austrian flag if I may.

  21. I would like to take South Africa.

  22. Here's a German living in Bavaria - if you want a german native to do the german flag, I'd like to have the job :-).
    Contact me via Ravelry, username redhead71.


  23. Both my native and adoptive countries already went, but I'd love to do the 5-striped Buddhist flag.
    Also up for any more obscure country that might be left over!

  24. I'd like to take Jamaica!


  25. I'll take Canada if its still free.

    I'm Nanner70 on Ravelry.

  26. I'd like Macedonia.
    I'm coral on ravelry.


  27. never mind, I see Macedonia's already taken. I commented in the other post also; I'll take Tunisia.

  28. what a great idea- I'll take Puerto Rico. I'm pinkyrican on ravelry

  29. My children and I will take a few more countries

    Cote D'ivoire (Sahara dd 19)
    Algeria (Sahara dd 19)
    Libya (Sufyan ds 13)

  30. if i may i would like to add two more...i would like to do the Isle of Man and my ultra catholic mom is amazed(?) that no one has jumped on Vatican City and would love make it for you.
    thanks - NaughtyNumber3

  31. and now my room mate is wanting to make hong kong for you
    thanks - naughtynumber3

  32. What an awesome idea!

    I would like to take Kosovo and the USA.


  33. Hi, I'm happyhooking on Ravelry. I'd like to claim Lithuania. I'll pm you too.

  34. Hi Sophia,

    My heart lives in Costa Rica, so I'd love to claim that flag.

    I'll pm you on Ravelry (my user name is AmyCow)

  35. Hi Sophia,

    I'd like to take Singapore.

    My husband and I love visiting and my grandfather was stationed there with the RAF in the 1960's about the time it was handed back to the locals and Lee Kuan Yew became Prime Minister.

    debbieN (on Ravelry)

  36. Please sign me up for Turkmenistan.

  37. I just requested Turkmenistan - on Ravelry I am Capsize.

  38. hi
    i'd like to sign up for st.maartin.
    it has special meaning for me
    i'm yarnwitch on ravelry

  39. Hi! I love the idea of your project and would like to participate. I would like to do Bulgaria. I am valiweep on Ravelry.

    I am an American, but my husband and I met and both lived there for a couple of years, and have strong feelings for the people and their country. I also love Drs. w/o Borders- their nutrition programs for impoverished children are great!

  40. Well, I came to this late so all the flags of my heritage are taken, but I would love to do the Christian flag (protestant) if you still want religious flags. I'm AngelSong76 at Ravelry.

  41. As Germany was taken . . . I'll take Liechtenstein as well.

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. Hi I can do the United Kingdom if its still available.

  44. I'd love to take South Korea - it's the country I was adopted from. I'm "Rosalinde" on ravelry. :)

  45. Hi there..

    I think UK and Scotland have both been taken,

    but I'd like to make the English flag if no-one else is?

    please let me know!
    wonderful project :-)

  46. I'd like to do Dominica - love that purple parrot!

  47. I would like to take Peru - left a comment on the Rav thread as well.

  48. Hey! I'm HarliquinRose on gaia. I PMed you about this before I realized there was a link to this in your signature. I would love to have Uganda. Just PM me back so I know I can get started!! <3 <3 Jenn

  49. This is an awesome idea... and I favor the doctors without borders, I've heard a lot about the great stuff they do.

    I'm YESSIKAUNRAVELED on ravelry, and I'd like to do Italy, where I was born.

    I am shocked that the vatican went before ITALY! Unless I missed that one. I'd like to do maybe Mexico too because I'm from San Diego and love it in Mex, but I don't know how I would do the eagle so if someone else wants to tackle that- its yours!

  50. I think I can do St. Lucia. =)

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