Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Gift for the Typosphere

There was a keychopper at the convention. This caused an ethical quandary for me, because the same person was also selling hand knits, and while I wanted to support the knitter, I couldn't support the keychopper, especially when I spied keys just like those on my beloved Oliver gracing the table. Thus, I present a little gift for the Typosphere. Have at:

[.gif image with a transparent background]

[.jpg image with a white background]

P.S. This is now available on teeshirts and hoodies here.


  1. Very nice. I know there are going to be some T-shirts, web sites, etc. sporting the SETT logo!

  2. Very Good! I love it!
    Now for the T shirts with the logo.

  3. ...and onto my website it goes!! (or, it will soon at any rate!) Thanks for sharing!