Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend: Not as Advertised.

So Friday's blog didn't happen. This was for a multitude of reasons, but basically, it just boils down to the fact that it was a really, really long day that would not end. In fact, I'm writing this on Saturday and it could be said that this is just more like Friday, Part II since there was really no sleep to be had last night.

It started with work. I will spare you the gorey details, but suffice to say that it was another frustrating day of beating my head against a wall, accomplishing nothing, and struggling to find people to fill in the gaping holes left by others who can't be arsed to show up. (I'm a wee bit fed up, can you tell?)

After work, I met up with Missouri, who is house sitting this weekend. We hung out for a while, then went to a movie (City of Bones, for those interested. I won't say that it was a great movie, but despite it's flaws it was enjoyable and Missouri said it followed the source material more than she expected it to).

The movie was much longer than I expected. Around 10:30, I finally made it home (this after getting up at 5 for work). I tried to power through to finish a knitting project, but it didn't happen. I was too tired and the cast off was just way, way too long to finish in one go. I finally collapsed into bed around 1:30.

At 3:30, my phone rang. I was so tired that I evidently slept through a text message and I had picked up and answered the call before I even had time to process which ring tone it was.

On the other end, it was Missouri. She asked me to take her to the ER.

As soon as I got to the house, I knew that she was in a lot of pain. Her tollerence for pain is one of the highest of anyone I know, so when it's bad enough to cause dizziness, sweating, and difficulty breathing, it's time for the ER.

So we went.

While she was being examined, I manged to catch a 45 minute cat nap in the back seat of my car, in between texting various parties on her behalf that needed updating on the situation.

The final diagnosis was an extremely bad muscle spasm in her upper back. Meds were perscribed and picked up, and then I took her back to her parents. She needed some things from our place, so I went there and tried to sleep. I knew she'd be knocked out from the drugs and therefore unable to get herself into any trouble. I went back this evening to check on her and drop off the stuff she needed.

It's been a long day. My relaxing weekend (which I've been looking forward to for two weeks now) has so far not been very relaxing. Hopefully, better news is on the way.

[As of right now, Missouri is fine and mostly pain free, just very groggy. By the time you read this, she'll be back home.]

P.S. If you are ever in the Columbus area and need emergency care, or really any hospital services at all, I can't recommend Dublin Methodist enough. I've known several people treated there and all of their physicians are excellent, they have a great bedside manner and the facility is new, clean, well organized, and very comfortable. Seriously, either go there or OSU. I could tell you some horror stories about our other hospitals.


  1. Horror stories about hospitals in the USA? I thought they were all excellent. hahahaha. As a former paramedic I know some real good ones and real bad ones.

    Glad to hear Missouri is feeling better.

    Too bad about your week end. Perhaps you will have a long week end this week (in retail? I must be joking...) Really though I think you said you work retail and sometimes some of their people really do get a holiday week end off. I hope you are one of them. It is not good when a hoped-for relaxing day or week end turns into one of no rest.

    1. Missouri is doing much better. She should be home tonight.

      I do get Labor Day off, but right after that we kick off extra hours/fewer weekends off to prep for the holidays (did I mention that we are short 12 associates and 2 supervisors right now?). Fun times.