Friday, March 15, 2013


I was supposed to have another pattern up now. For the shawl I showed you last week.

That didn't happen.

Those glaring issues I mentioned? I turns out that the increases/decreases I tested in my swatch didn't translate to a larger piece. Not only that, but they throw off the lettering.

The only way to fix it?

Start over, of course.

So yeah, that thudding sound you heard late last week was the sound of me running full tilt into a wall. And don't think that just because it was made of knitwear, it made the landing any softer. That half a shawl represents many, many hours of work, all for naught.

I thought at first about using short rows to create the curve I'm looking for, but if I go side to side, then it will disrupt the lettering.

I could knit from the top down and use short rows to create the curve that way, so that it looks like the rings on a tree trunk, then pick up stitches to do the lettering as a band at the bottom. But I'd still have to use short rows to make it match the curve above it.

I'm going to sit on it for a couple more days, to see if the answer suddenly strikes me. In the mean time, I'm switching to a slightly less stressful pattern.

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