Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Do List

The things that have to be done by Saturday or OH MY GOD THE WORLD WILL END:

1. Finish Anthropology Essay--45 minutes
2. Do Anthropology readings and responses (about 50 pages)--1 hour
3. Get caught up on vest for Construction (I'm only a week behind...which means everyone else is probably finishing theirs today).--three hours
4. Finish SOMETHING for papermaking because Mr. W things I'm a complete slacker.--minimum 45 minutes
5. Hand out copies of Thesis paper--20 minutes
6. Hang show--3 hours
7. Fill in the little gaps at the end of the rows on the Peace Project.--2 hours minimum
8. Back the Peace Project.--probably at least an hour
9. For surface design: Dye a synthetic fiber, disperse dye a yard, burn out print, discharge print (this would be so much easier if the lab was actually open during the day, but no, it doesn't open until 7:30 PM. Hello! I'm working here!)--3 hours

Total hours behind this week: Minimum 34.5

That is on top of all of my new assignments this week, so add another 35 hours.


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