Monday, September 3, 2012

What I Did on my Summer Vacation Part 2

Words written: Not nearly enough
Stories finished: 1
Books read: 10
Projects knit: 3
Projects crocheted: 2
Projects sewn: 1
Reviews received: 3
Typewriters spotted: 6
Miles biked: 23.5

I'm back!

I had a lovely time off, and I really missed this blog. There were so many times when I actually had to refrain myself from writing, but part of the time away was just seeing if I even wanted to continue with this blog as is, or if I wanted to clear the decks and begin again.

In the end, I've decided to keep KM running, but with some minor changes since while I was away, I discovered something: I love schedules. I need a routine. That's something that this blog has never had. Sure, I try to write 3 times a week, but I was never particular about the days or the content.

In working on my nail blog, I learned that if I try to restrain myself (to say, 3 posts a week) then I want to do more. I wound up blogging almost every day of the week over there, sometimes twice, and sometimes on weekends. Yes, part of it is that it was new and exciting and I was discovering new stuff every single day. But you also have to give credit to having a routine. Scheduling posts forces me to set time aside to blog, and to consider specific topics. It creates a deadline (albeit a loose one). (Hm. Maybe I should apply this to my regular writing.)

So, moving forward, I'm shooting for two posts a week. Mondays, it'll be books/writing/typewriters. Fridays are all about knitting, spinning, and general craftiness. That way, if you're here for the books/typewriters, you can skip the knitting content if you so choose, and vice versa, but I might drop in a few other random posts in between.

When I started this blog (all the way back in 2007!), it was supposed to be about my knitting. I was looking at sites like Crazy Aunt Purl, the Yarn Harlot, and others and loving what I saw. I wanted to create something like that. But along the way I got derailed by life, school, and other pursuits.

As time has passed, I've changed and so have some of my interests. I still love knitting. I'm a Knitter now, whereas before I was merely a girl who knit. I'm a published author and a semi-independent adult, not a college student living in a dorm (though I still have the same roommate...).

I want this blog to reflect those changes, to show who I am now and who I want to be in the future, while still maintaining my ties to the past, and showing where I came from. I can't separate writing and knitting, but I've been struggling to find a way to blend them together more cohesively in this format. Maybe someday I'll get it right, but for now I'm going to keep on keeping on, and let the stitches and the keys fall where they may. I hope you all will stick around for the journey.

I'll be posting more pictures of stuff I've been working on later this week, so stick around. If you're in the US, enjoy your labor day and if you aren't, then I hope Monday treats you well.


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  1. Thanks for the update on your blog. I found your blog on a typewriter search way back about a year ago. I do not know much about some of the other things you've posted. I enjoy those posts just the same. I learn something new.

    You could typecast your adventures in knitting. Typecast samples of your writing. Just a few ways to blend things.

    I hope you can stay on schedule. It seems quite gruelling.