Friday, January 27, 2012

This isn't knitting.

Currently Reading: The Son of Neptune
In the DVD player: Blood Ties

Thanks in part to blogs like Stitchpunk, I've caught the embroidery bug of late. At first I was just going to work on my practice sampler until my tendonitis got a bit better and I could knit again (did I mention I haven't been able to knit for over a week now?), but then I decided that I could do better and started something completely new.

This will be the first of two wallhangings I'm working on for my room. What you see here is about the 1/2 mark; in the background I'll be adding gears and some flourishes.While I was happy with it, I wasn't sure exactly how it was turning out since it's been so long since I've really been around a lot of embroidery and most of what I see is done by machine. This is all done by hand, one stitch at a time. I guess it must be turning out rather well, since my roommate handed me a piece of patterned fabric and $5 worth of embroidery floss requesting a similar piece for her room. Maybe I should go into business.


  1. Very nice! You've got to have loads of patients to be able to do such demanding and intricate work.

  2. That looks lovely! Hope to see the finished project too! And hope your tendonitis heals quickly and well. :)