Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moving House

I am sort of back online after moving. And damn, I take four days off from the the internet and come back to 42 posts in my blogroll, most of them from the typosphere! Looks like I missed quite the weekend. The Boston Typeout sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love to have one around here, but I think I'm the only central Ohioan, and I'm under strict orders not to use my typewriter when Missouri is home (You would think someone who has had 3(!!) novels accepted for publication this year would have a little more respect for antique writing machines, but no), so I don't think she'd appreciate an invasion of them. For that matter, neither would the neighbors.

I'm mostly unpacked and the apartment is as set up as it's going to get until we can buy more furniture. I'm not moving all of my typewriters right now, since I don't have a place to put them and two of the three are semi- to non-functional, so that means only Henry gets to make the move. He'll probably be living on an ottoman or on the trunk I keep my sweaters in for a few weeks until I can find a desk. I would display him in the living room, since a Royal KMM fits perfectly with our decor, but I don't fancy hauling 40lbs of cast iron to the other end of the apartment every time I want to type.

Busy day planned for today (like hauling all of the empty boxes downstairs and to the dumpsters at the end of the block, waiting for my parents to bring the rest of the furniture, shopping, and filing all of the paperwork that goes along with moving), so I'll have to sign off.

ETA: a new episode of the podcast is recorded. However, podbean seems to disagree with my borrowed internet connection. As soon as they decide to start playing nice with each other, episode 4 will become available for download. Cross your fingers and watch this space!

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