Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random on a Wednesday

So, I've had a typecast sitting around for about a week now, but I keep forgetting to scan it. I have, however, been doing a lot of knitting. I'm making a shawl for my Ohayocon costume, and I've got about a foot of it knit up so far. Before you go acting all impressed, I'm making it with DK weight yarn (or possibly something a bit thicker) on size 11 needles in a basic feather and fan stitch. The more I knit on it though, the more I wonder if I might not possibly need a second ball of yarn. I hope not, since I got the first one on clearance and I'm not sure I can get more.

I've been spending the last three days working on the magazine and knitting my little fingers to the bone while watching various movies/tv series. I picked up the second season of Star Trek: TNG the other day, and am ready to start disc 3. Sadly, I forgot my headphones, so no tv for me this morning. Very irritating, since I have an hour to kill and more knitting to do.

And really, that's about all there is to say at this point. So far I'm reasonably on track with my 52 books challenge (of course, we're really only 2 weeks into the year. But I'm hoping to get far enough ahead that I'll have some leeway later in the year). My current book is Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero. Have I mentioned how much I love him? Because I do. I want to eat his brain and absorb his creativity. of course, then I'd be out the rest of the I guess I'll put that off. ;)

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