Friday, June 18, 2010

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Public service announcement:

Last night while I was at work (in a fairly decent part of town), a woman was waiting to pull into a parking space. This, apparently, pissed off a man who also wanted the space. When she started to get out of her car to come into the store, he tried to climb in and attack her. She called the police, and came inside after he was gone to wait for them, but as far as I know, they never showed up even though she waited at least an hour.

This happened in broad daylight, in a crowded lot, in what is generally considered a "good" part of town.

I would like to take this moment to remind everyone--especially ladies who work evenings, like me--to be safe and watch your backs out there.


In other news:

The trip to Montreal has me wanting to bring something I wrote the last time I was there out of The Cooler in a style that would make Col. Hogan proud--simple editing isn't enough, oh no. My writing style has matured a shocking amount in three years, so a full re-write is in order. I'm keeping the basic structure, but almost everything needs to be reworded.

As much as I wanted to finish Ghost Hunters, I just couldn't. It follows roughly thirty different scientists and doesn't have a coherent timeline, hopping back and forth between different decades. It just got to be too much, so I returned it to the library.

I finished Kitty Takes a Holiday yesterday. As wonderful as expected, but I feel back for Cormac. And Ben.

Demon Hunts, of course, was fantastic. Very squee worthy. And if I say any more on the subject, I'm going to be spouting spoilers.

I started reading Heat Wave; it's future is iffy. I'm halfway through chapter one. I may not start chapter two. Melodrama, anyone? It doesn't feel like a mystery thriller. It feels like a trashy romance. I'm sort of surprised Nikki Heat is still clothed, not that it matters considering how transparent she is. The comedy and tension that works so well for the tv show does not translate well into literature, at least not the way it's written.

For relief from not-so-great reading material, I also started the book of Sookie Stackhouse short stories, but I'm about as far into that as I am into Heat Wave. Still, it promises much more enjoyment.

On my ipod: Teenagers--My Chemical Romance
In the DVD player: Titanic
On the night stand: A Touch of Dead and Heat Wave

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  1. Hey! I love your stories. It was awesome to read about a character with loads of believable personality and realistic abilities. Keep going! I'm lovin' it.

    You've got an excellent writing style which all those young 14 year old girls try to copy when they stumble on fp, but fail miserably to achieve. Kudos to you.