Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sick Days, Part II

So the cold I had? It's a sinus infection. I'm allergic to Penicillin, so the doc gave me a prescription decongestant, and Clarithromycin. I've been taking the pills since Monday night, and so far I feel 100% worse, not better. I've had almost every side effect for each of the, and it doesn't help that most of the side effects for the decongestant are the same as the ones for the Clarithromycin. I'm dizzy, I have a headache, I'm exhausted but I can't sleep, I'm shaky, anxious, and my moods are all over. I'm going to give it a few more hours, then I'm calling the doctor.

Everything is on hold right now, because everything either hurts or wears me out. Even the cat knows something is up; he's been letting me cuddle him, and normally he just squirms out of the way or turns it into a wrestling match.

Hopefully I will be human sometime within the next week.

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