Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Etsy Items and a Sale!

Oh, hey. This is a fiber blog, isn't it?

Four new spinning batts, 7 ounces of 3-ply hand spun merino, a clutch made from recycled fabric and handmade paper, a mini journal with a suede cover, a hand dyed silk headband and two hand dyed silk scarves (only one is show), and a laptop-sized tote bag.

I'm also having a sale through April 11:

~ All spinning batts are 50% off the list price
~ Free US shipping on all items from the SALE and STASH sections of my shop and international shipping is 1/2 off
~ All purchases will receive a free surprise jewelry item

Go check it out!


My knitting has gone by the wayside a little. Working with those wool spinning batts and spinning up that yarn has aggravated my wool allergy, so the two little projects I was working on in wool have been abandon. I'm actually going to be giving away a partial ball of yarn that I spun using the colors from the Cherry Limeaide Fiz (third column, third one down) because I can only knit a row before my eyes start itching and watering now.

My other knitting project was in cotton. I was teaching myself double knitting...until my (brand new) circular needle broke. So far I've had really bad customer service from the place where I ordered it (8seasonknitting on etsy, which has suddenly disappeared with no warning).

All of my other projects have been for school, so I don't feel much like talking about them now.

I've also been invited to show some work at the CODEPINK Mothers day event in DC. Still hashing out the details, but it looks like I might be traveling down there between the last day of school and my graduation ceremony. For more information on the event, got here.

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  1. Great blog...I am following yuo:) - very interseting and gorgeous shop!