Monday, January 12, 2009

Is this a sign?

Just when I get all geared up for a big purchase, I find this in my yahoo horoscope:

I'm going to keep this major purchase a secret for a while, just because it's so exciting and I don't want to jinx it, like I did with The Universe Provides. How did I jinx that, you ask? Well, immediately following that post, the person I was going to do the commission for was hosptialized, putting off the work. Alice still has not heard from her potential photography client, and our ex-roommate, who insisted he'd paid all of the bills before he moved out, did NOT, resulting in our water being shut off suddenly, followed by many shouting matches when he turned around and said "Well, I told you that I didn't pay anything before I left and that it was up to you." This after he'd deposited the check I'd written him for the utilities. Getting it back was like pulling teeth.


It's been a rough week or two. 2009 has not started in any way like I'd hoped.

But. School starts next Tuesday, I'll have my check, Alice will have hers, and we'll be set. Just one more semester to get through.

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